Hi, I'm Dan

Owner and Loctician
Owner and Loctician

I started Heavy Dreadz in 2020 after becoming a Master Loctician in my hometown of Sydney. Having worked for many years previously as a Professional Hairdresser I decided I wanted to put my passion of creating seriously heavy dreads to the test by opening my own dreadlocks service, and so Heavy Dreadz was born! It's been a labour of love, and it's a journey that I'm extremely proud of.

For me, dreadlocks are all about brightening up someone's day! When I see someone wearing their dreads strong and proud I get a sense of freedom and joy from them. In saying that, I bet you never realised that by just wearing your dreads out and about you are committing random acts of kindness wherever you go! 

At Heavy Dreadz we create and maintain dreadlocks. We also do dreadlock extensions, dreadlock colouring, dreadlock conditioning treatments, dreadlock styles for those special occasions, dreadlock removal and hair dematting. We also carry a super range of dread-friendly products and accessories.

If you are considering dreadlocks for the first time, or you already have dreadlocks and need them spruced up, tidied up, cleaned up or maxed out, give us a call or send us a message and let us show you just how good a head of dreads can really look!

Method - We use our Heavy Dreadz 'Hook & Lock' method to create our dreads, which involves no chemicals or wax, just 100% pure and natural dreadlocks.

Hair Types - We work on all hair types and conditions, from thick to thin, coarse to fine, frizzy to straight.

Dreadlock Pricing - While each head of hair is different with all the massively different hair types and lengths, our dreadlock pricing is competitively fair with other industry professional Locticians around Sydney.

The dreadlock pricing below is common for Heavy Dreadz customers, and your price will depend on your hair type, length and other factors.

Dreadlock Maintenance - From $70
Dreadlock Creation - From $300
Dreadlock Extensions - From $490
Dreadlock Colouring - From $120
Other Dreadlock Services - From $25

Dreadlock Extensions - At Heavy Dreadz we prefer to use natural human hair for our extensions, but we will use synthetic hair extensions if that is what suits you. While we do make our own dreadlock extensions in the studio we are also happy to purchase pre-made extensions for you, or use extensions that you provide us.

Dreadlock Colouring - We use quality semi-permanent colours for our dreadlock colouring. We can also use quality permanent colours as required based on consultation.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you and giving you the very best dreadlock services that we can!

For now stay heavy, and as we say here at Heavy Dreadz … "Hair Today, Dreads Tomorrow"!

Cheers. Dan


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